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You’ve found a community where you can BE YOURSELF, share your thoughts and expertise, showcase your value as well as receive huge value, advice and resources to grow your business.

Have you joined groups and group programs before but not gotten exactly what you needed? If so, the IEN is different…

  1. First of all it’s a month to month group for just $7/mo which makes it EASY to TRY OUT and see what you think. You can’t get this type of Entrepreneurial advice anywhere for just $84/year. 
  2. Secondly, it’s very interactive; you don’t just come to calls and “listen”, everyone who shows up gets to participate (if you want to). Everyone gets a HOT SEAT (if you want one). You just need to schedule in the calls every month into your calendar so you don’t forget about them (calls are at all different days and times to accommodate various time zones) and show up, it’s that simple. Whether you attend one call or more each month or even one call every quarter – you will get massive value!!
  3. Finally, we discuss a WIDE RANGE of topics regarding starting up, growing, marketing, and scaling your business. No topic is off limits, even personal stuff too as being an Entrepreneur requires you to wear many hats – a lot of which don’t fit at first! (Scroll down to see a massive list of types of topics we’ve covered and can cover no matter what industry you’re in or where you are in business, the IEN will help you get to the next level.) 

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Multiple Monthly Zoom Calls for Laser Coaching, Q&A, Masterminding, Hot Seats, Collaborating, Spot Training & Whatever Any Member Shows up and Needs!!

    Calls held on Zoom, video platform, LIVE every month on various days and times up to 3 calls each month. You will find a call that works for you, we have early morning, noon and evening calls for the Pacific Time Zone so that people in almost any time zone can make at least one call each month if not more. You’ll get access to the call schedule as soon as you enroll. As the membership grows we will extend the length of calls and/or schedule more calls to accommodate the growth.

    “Example Monthly Call Schedule” is:
    Mon, 8 am PST
    Tues, 5 pm PST
    Thur, Noon PST
    *Days of the week change but there is usually an early, midday and evening call every single month.

  • Private Facebook Group for Connecting, Sharing Challenges, Getting Feedback on your Marketing Materials, Launches, Logos, Ideas and so much more!

  • Opportunities to Promote Your Business, Be a Guest on Facebook Lives, Share Your Expertise, Be Seen as an Expert in Your Industry and more!

  • Special Discount Pricing for Live Events and Trainings

Watch the video for more insight on how and why this community exists and how YOU can BENEFIT and bring your value to the masses!

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And all that for just a CRAZY LOW investment of $7 copy/month (only $84 for the year) for the FIRST 200 founding members who join! (It could increase after that)

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PLUS – BIG BONUS! Become a member today and receive a 3-Part Webinar Training: Marketing Basics for Consistent Cash Flow!

You can’t get this education anywhere, not in school, free teleclasses or even my peer’s courses and trainings because I work on your entire business with you, not just pieces of it, and both ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing so that everything you’re doing flows together and works like a smooth running, lead generating, moneymaking machine.


Here is a sampling of topics that have been or could be covered on IEN calls – need help with any of this?

  • Doing videos
    • Fb live vs other live
    • What to do on YouTube and how important it is
    • Where to put your videos
    • Hosting calls on zoom
  • Choosing your email marketing, CRM or shopping cart
    • All about shopping carts and why you may want one
    • What’s important for email marketing
    • How to manage your database behind the scenes
    • How to effectively use autoresponders
    • What’s a funnel and options for creating them
    • Database marketing annual plan
  • Maximizing and monetizing my time on social media
    • Which platforms do I really need to be on
    • How to show up and how often on each site
    • How to delegate or automate some of it
    • Should I build a community or group
    • How to interact in the groups I belong to for better ROI
    • How to position myself and my brand on my profiles
    • How to create images to represent my brand for all social profiles
  • What do I really need to do on Facebook
    • What are Stories and how to best utilize them?
    • What’s a watch party
    • Should I have a business page or just a profile?
    • Should I have my own group or just participate in groups
    • What should I be doing in the groups I belong to
    • How can I get leads and customers from FB
    • How to use Messenger effectively
    • How to effectively add friends
    • Do I want people to like my business page
    • Should my group be private, secret or public and why
    • What kinds of posts should I be posting every day and where
    • Is FB live really that important
    • What do I say on a FB live
    • How long should my FB lives be
    • Should I post the same thing on my business page and profile or different
    • Why aren’t my posts being seen
    • Why aren’t people buying from my posts
    • How do I use the event feature to promote my stuff
  • What do I need to do on LinkedIn
    • How to fill out my profile so I get more people noticing me
    • How do I reach out to new people who don’t know me
    • Should I be on the paid version or free
    • Where can I post articles and blogs on LinkedIn
    • How to effectively use InMail
  • What do I need to know about Instagram
    • Instagram is all about images
    • Using hashtags is important on IG
    • Using Stories on IG
    • How to streamline your content on IG for more followers
    • How often do you need to post
    • How to post on IG, twitter and Facebook from your phone
  • How can I get clients without a website
    • Maximizing networking events in person
    • Speaking locally for business
    • Getting publicity on TV
    • Being a guest on podcasts – how to get booked, where to look
    • Having Easy Yes Offers for daily cash flow
    • Creating order forms and marketing materials
    • When do I need a banner, sign or brochure
  • What do I need to know to start up my new business
    • When is it important to become an LLC or corporation
    • What licenses and legal stuff do I need to know or have
    • How should I price my services when just starting out
    • How do I create a group program or online training
    • What are the fastest ways to build my list
    • Where should I go to find clients quickly
    • What do I need to know about building my website
  • How do I generate more leads online or make more online sales?
    • How to write effective sales page copy
    • What should my free gift be on my website
    • Should I offer a free consult or paid or both
    • What do visitors want to see on my website
    • How to build more trust with visitors on my website
    • What functionality do I need online for more visitors to convert
    • How can I make it easier for people to buy on my website
    • What should I be selling on my website and how to price it
    • Shopping carts vs. stripe or PayPal
    • Who can update my website for me
    • Which platform should my website be on
  • How do I get more clients from speaking?
    • How do I get started speaking
    • What do I speak about
    • What do I need to have to be prepared for speaking gigs
    • Where can I get booked
    • Do I have to travel to speak
    • What kind of offers should I make from my speaking gigs
    • How do I get people on my list from speaking gigs
    • How do I use text messaging to capture leads
    • What should I have on a table display in the back of the room
    • What should I say on a speaker page on my website
    • How important is it to have a book as a speaker
    • Paid speaking vs. free speaking
  • How can I become an author
    • What do I write about
    • What are the costs associated with getting published
    • What’s the difference between self-publishing, hybrid and having a publisher
    • Can my book get into book stores or just Amazon
    • Print vs. eBook
    • How to organize my thoughts or content into a book
    • Should I do an Amazon best-seller launch
  • What events are good to attend to grow my business and/or learn new skills
    • Which conferences and events should I be attending every year
    • What memberships should I join
    • How should I show up at events – what to bring or how to prepare
    • How do I follow up from events
      • Following up from events via email
      • Following up from events via phone
      • Following up from events via text
      • Following up from events via social media
      • Following up from events via direct mail
  • How to get started delegating
    • When is a good time to hire my first assistant
    • How do I figure out what to delegate to an assistant
    • Where to find an assistant
    • How to determine which assistant/VA is right for me and my needs
    • How do I communicate with my VA/team to get more done
    • How much does delegating cost
  • I want to host an event or retreat, what do I need to know?
    • Where to hold my event
    • How to navigate the costs and contracts for booking venues
    • What else can I negotiate into my contracts to get a bigger bang for my buck
    • How to determine whether to host a 1, 2 or 3 day event or longer?
    • I don’t have enough content for a multi-day event
    • What do I charge for my event
    • What do I sell from my event
    • How do I get sponsors or vendors for my event
    • Do I bring in speakers or not and if so, how
    • Destination event vs. local
    • How many people will actually attend – how to get butts in seats
    • How to develop content for my event so it’s designed to sell my X
  • How do I create residual income for more freedom
    • What online programs or memberships will really sell well
    • How to develop a group program
    • Where to house my program materials and curriculum, software
    • What will people buy?
    • How to retain recurring clients
    • What to offer in a monthly membership and what to price it at
    • What else can I sell for residual income?
    • What about network marketing?
      • What products complement what I do
      • How to develop a down-line and recruit
      • How to keep customers buying monthly
    • I’m not techy at all, help
      • What do I need to know about my website and how can I or someone manage it for me
      • What do I need to know about social media, I avoid it
      • What do I need to know about videos, I avoid doing them
      • Who can help me with techy stuff
      • How should I organize my desktop/laptop for efficiency
      • How to get articles on a blog
      • How to develop an eBook and get it on my website
      • How to upload videos to YouTube
      • How to navigate my shopping cart or CRM
      • How to send an email to my list
      • How to forward my branded email to my Gmail
      • How to format an eBook or book
      • How to make images to put on social media
      • What apps do I need on my phone to work remotely
      • How to back up my data on my computers or website
      • How to store or send large files
      • How to take credit cards from customers
  • How to become more confident overall so I can do all the marketing and more
    • Overcoming fears of video, marketing, networking, etc.
    • Overcoming fears of success or failure
    • Overcoming fears of being new and no one buying
    • Becoming more confident to:
      • charge what you’re worth – raise your rates
      • write a book
      • start speaking
      • putting yourself out there
      • writing a compelling bio or about page
      • develop and run a group program
      • develop a high-end program
      • create and run a live event or retreat
      • hire a team
      • discuss with your significant other or family/friends about your big vision
      • quit your job knowing this is what you’re meant to do
      • trust the process and it will all work out
      • believe that you can do this and the money will come
    • Getting out of overwhelm and getting organized
      • Organization is the key to getting a lot more done
      • Organization will:
        • allow you to reach more people and make more money
        • give you more confidence
        • allow you to be more productive every day
        • give you more peace of mind
        • help you get out of overwhelm
        • keep you on track with your goals
      • Mapping out your goals so they’re on top of mind at all times
      • Keeping your big vision and big why on top of mind at all times is critical
      • Success comes from working smarter not harder
      • Hiring a professional organizer to help you is critical if you’re not able to do this yourself
      • Being overwhelmed also causes procrastination and indecision which is not helpful
      • Money follows speed – speed in making decisions and taking action in business
      • Developing a business and marketing plan is important
      • Being open to the evolution of your business is also important
      • Don’t be too busy to see opportunities, they are there every day
    • All about podcasting
      • How to become a podcast host
      • Where should I do my podcast
      • What equipment do I need to get started
      • How much does it cost to develop a podcast and run it every month
      • What kind of time commitment is involved
      • Do I need to get sponsors to cover costs or run ads on my show
      • How do I get booked on other people’s podcasts
      • How can I leverage my podcast for getting clients and selling stuff

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