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Looking for some FREE TOOLS, Checklists, Audios, Webinars & Videos that are POWER-PACKED with Great Implementable Content that YOU CAN USE TODAY to Jumpstart Your Business?

These free gifts are geared to teach you about one or more things that can help you make a lot more money doing what you love. (Yes, you can click on and take advantage of more than ONE free gift on this page, of course!) They are great trainings that let you EXPERIENCE me and my style of training to see if you want more or are a good fit to take one of my courses, attend a live event or coach with me to get more hands-on support in starting up, growing and marketing your business.

This business is your baby and you want to do it right, right? Well, don’t leave this page without at least signing up to listen in, read or watch ONE of these trainings – you’ll be glad you did! You can always unsubscribe from my list if we’re not a good fit remember. Have fun!

Jumpstart Your Biz Kit – Revenue Generating Checklist & Audio

This is a great starter package to really see what’s needed for you to market your business more effectively. It includes a Revenue Producing Activities Checklist and Audio Training that are really good!

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Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker Audio Training

This audio walks you through my 6 step system of how to get started speaking and/or making a lot more money from the speaking you’re doing already. You definitely want to check this out BEFORE you speak.

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Love Yourself Successful Audio Training

This audio walks you through the concepts of my book, the 4 types of love every entrepreneur needs to focus on to make a lot more money and even talks about your love life and support system and how it all plays a huge part in making more money in your business.

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Website Success Secrets Audio Training

Learn the 17 must haves you want to be doing on your website. Websites are the #1 thing I need to help entrepreneurs FIX immediately when they come to me because you just don’t know what you don’t know about maximizing your website. Listen to this audio to learn what needs to change on YOUR website to get more clients!

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Find Your Purpose, Passion & New Business Path – Free Audio Training

If you’re just starting your business or you aren’t even sure yet WHAT to start or what to do but you know you want to do something – this is a great audio to listen to now. If you know what you want to do but you have a feeling you aren’t thinking BIG ENOUGH? This is a great audio to listen to. Get some big ideas and motivation to build the life and business you love.

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Book Writing & Publishing Info Call

Come learn about how to get a book written or published and what kinds of books you could write so you can become an author sooner rather than later. It’s easier than most people believe, let me share tips with you on where to start!

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Need Number Worksheet to Determine Your REAL Money Goals

This tool is a super easy way to really discover how much money you really need to make each month in order to live the life of your dreams. About 90% of the entrepreneurs who come to me DO NOT KNOW THIS which causes you to not set realistic and profitable goals (even seasoned business owners don’t budget for some necessary things).

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Schedule a Free Strategy Session with Katrina Today!

Come talk with Kat in a confidential one-on-one conversation about your business, where you want to go, what’s possible and how she can help you get there FASTER! Short form to fill out on next page.

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Ready to Invest in Some More Advanced Trainings or at Least Get the How-To on Specific Topics You Want to Learn About Right Now?

These programs are geared to teach you about one or more things that can help you make a lot more money doing what you love.